wtorek, 12 lipca 2016

wtorek, 24 maja 2016

Gear 360 as a car camera

If you think to use Samsung Gear 360 as a dashcam or car cam is good news, because few user start using it in car.
Here are sample videos from test driving

If you want to read more is good to see this topic on forum

środa, 18 maja 2016

LG 360 VR Headset pre-order in US

If you have LG 360 CAM now you can buy VR headset for it from LG, which cost 199$.

Make own 360-degree videos with your camera and than watch it with your headset.

LG 360 VR secifications

Display 1.88" IPS LCD x 2 EA, 920 x 720 per Eye, 639 ppi Real RGB
Optic Horizontal FOV (field-of-view) 80° lens
Sensors 6-axis (Gyro & Accelerometer) Proximity Sensor
VR Type Multimedia Headset & Mobile Tethered Type
Dimensions 164.1 x 185.6 x 45.9 mm
Weight 4.12 oz.
USB Type USB 2.0 & USB Type-C™ Port
Headset Solution 3.5 mm Headphone Jack
Compatible Devices LG G5

  Here you can make pre-order for US

piątek, 13 maja 2016

What you think about Gear 360?

If you don't know what think about this 360-degrees camera, you can hear thought of one owner. You don't have to waste too much time, only 4 minutes

He also tested Samsung Gear 360 at night in low lights conditions, take a look

środa, 4 maja 2016

Forum for LG 360 CAM

If you need support with your LG 360 camera you will find it on our forum here.
This small cam offers many possibilities and is easy-to-use, this works with many smartphones, not only LG, but best option is G5. It can shoot videos in high resolution 2K. For those who reflect on this device, we recommend to read the opinions of other users of our forums.


You can be sure that it is good choice in this class.


wtorek, 3 maja 2016

Pixpro SP360 only 200$?

Yes this is possible. When on market appeared many 360 cameras, so kodak decided to drop price for PixPro360 and now you can buy it on Amazon for 224$. This is solid device.

Here is link to auction

Keymission360 later than you think

The bad news for those who thought they buy themselves Keymission360 this summer. Unfortunately, you will have to wait until almost the end of 2016, because only in October will be the first order models.

poniedziałek, 2 maja 2016

Formula E 360-degree

Do you like fast driving? Have every sit in Formula E?
Site comfortable on the armchair fasten your seatbelt and turn on 360 video below

Theta M15 good for everyone

If you looking for small gadget for 360-degree videos and that was a good brand to consider Ricoh Theta m15. This small device has much to offer while still being easy to use. If this is to be your first 360 cam is the choice may of intrigue. Below you can watch the review and make the right decision.


piątek, 29 kwietnia 2016

April 29 big day for Samsung Gear 360

Today Samsung start shipping his "first kid" in 360-degree cameras. Nowadays this is good news only for Korea and  Singapore, because launch data is for these countries. Rest of world have to wait for Gear 360. If you want find out more about this cam or you have any problem with it and need support and help to solve every questions, you can look on forum

On the photo you have specyfication of Gear360

How to use few Kodak PixPro SP360 4k together?

There is one answer for that RF Remote Control. This small device help you to synch up to 10 cameras.

czwartek, 28 kwietnia 2016

Live stream 360 videos in 4K

Can you imagine livestreaming 360-degree videos in 4K qulity? No? You have to know that there is one camera which can do this. Take a look on Orah 4i. No is preorder and you can buy it for half price 1799$.
This is higher level for 360 videomakers.

Live starts simple:)

SolidLUUV original stabilizer for 360-degree cameras

For those who want filmming stable 360 videos should think about good stabilizer.
One of good is product from kickstarter and call "LUUV".
  • Height: 25,5 cm
  • Width: 10 cm / with handle 17,5 cm
More info about it here

Nokia Ozo make vr projects for Disney

Disney buy many Nokia Ozo and start making vr films and other projects. Propably in short future we will see at cinemas for example "Star Wars" as a 360-degree video.


wtorek, 26 kwietnia 2016

Forum for VR Cameras

Many useful information about every model of 360° cameras from all world you can find it here. If you don't know what to choose, first go on forum to read opinions others customers like comparisons and than when you get your cam you read turorials and guides about making professional 360-degree videos. Every day lots of reviews, so good to be user on such a forum.

poniedziałek, 25 kwietnia 2016

Chenci 360 next cheap VR camera

Small action camera with WiFi and 8 MP quality of photos and videos. Nowadays there is promotion on Amazon and price dropped under 100$ ealier was 70$ more. You can think about Chenci360 if you have small budget.


piątek, 22 kwietnia 2016

X360 one of few cameras for less than 100$

If you want to start your trip with 360-degreees videos and photos and you don't need professional device you can think about X360 which cost 99$.

Look on picture how it looks like and than search it on alibaba.

środa, 20 kwietnia 2016

Elephone EleCam 360 with two lenses 220-degree

Chinese device EleCam 360 will get Sony IMX117 sensors and can filmming 4K videos. Relase date is not yet know, but propably it will be this year.

wtorek, 19 kwietnia 2016

New Technology - Virtual Reality

2016 years is a breakthrough in terms of virtual reality. At this time, there is a lot of VR devices such as headsets and cameras to shoot video of 360 degrees, even with the possibility of livestreaming. We are entering into another dimension.